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Organizational Development

Intervention Strategies International's organizational development (OD) consists of a planned and systematic approach to improve the effectiveness of your organization – one that aligns strategy, individuals and processes. ISI focuses heavily on the communication and strength of your team's relationships. It includes the practice of planned, systematic change in the values, attitudes and beliefs of a company’s employees through the creation and reinforcement of our training programs.

Components of a healthy organization
  • communication

  • empowerment

  • leadership

  • culture

  • strategy

  • structure

The ISI approach.

ISI associates have designed result-oriented coaching services that have impacted on the productivity, leadership, teamwork, morale, profit and growth of a multitude of organizations throughout the world. ISI has transformed what many consider the gray areas of business into black and white results that have truly impacted on team performance and the bottom line. We are noted for our innovative approach in integrating into corporate and government cultures to gain an understanding of what makes employees and organizations tick.

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