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Trucking & Transportation

ISI was founded with a leader of the transportation industry, Mr. Joe
Cory, who helped inspire our model of service delivery to the trucking
industry that outreached to drivers, warehouse men and women to help
create an environment that maximized performance without
compromising safety. Currently ISI provides an array of services to
trucking and transportation organizations.

Supermarkets & Supply Chains

ISI has worked in this industry for over 30 years providing Employee
Assistance Programs, strategic planning and facilitation services. We
have succeeded at performance coaching to executive and leadership
teams that enhanced accountability, inclusion, measurement, focus,
ownership, and results for sales. They also have designed prevention
and wellness activities to improve health and reduce costs.

Automobile Dealerships

With over 40 years of experience working with owners, leaders and
sales staff of dealerships, ISI has provided coaching, training and
mentoring services that have increased sales, CSI and continued
financial growth. These services have created wealth for ownership and
employees while helping them to create pinnacle levels of
acknowledgement from their manufacturers.

Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Healthcare

ISI has worked with local hospitals and healthcare facilities to provide
Employee Assistance Programs and coaching of staff to increase patient
satisfaction and care. They have helped to remove obstacles often
inherent in hospital settings that enhance performance and morale and
prevent litigation. They have also been one of the first clinical entities to
provide intervention, care and advise for impaired physicians and
nurses in the State of New Jersey.


ISI works with local, state and federal government providing employee
assistance programs and consulting services to help government
enhance their leadership and efficiency. ISI has provided training to
government employees in the areas of customer service,
communication, conflict resolution and entitlement. We were honored to
be asked to help Homeland Securities Leadership in Washington
prepare their teams and create conversations that would help them
adjust budgets and relate to new leadership during the 2016 election.

First Responders

ISI provides PTSD treatment and critical response services following
trauma that may occur to first responders in the line of duty.

& More!

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