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New York Office

Intervention Strategies International

Our goal is to maximize the potential of people and to create a work environment and mindset that encourages all to be clear thinking, productive and loyally committed to success.

Our Services

Outpatient Therapy

Coaching and counseling for professionals, leaders, athlete, individuals, couples and families.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

We are more than a poster! By creating visibility and engaging with employees

we create human

connections and trust so employees will use this crucial benefit.

Organizational Development

Helping organizations remove the status quo to enhance passion, performance, integrity and accountability.


Navigating COVID19

  • Risk Management and Legal Support


  • On-site meetings and virtual Human Resources Consultation


  • Prevention, education and intervention services for employees and families affected by COVID-19.


  • Assistance in creating a documented plan that you may be required to use for your employee group and may be required to present local, state and federal government.


  • Training for ownership, leaders and management

    1. Your role and responsibility as a leader

    2. Legal requirements and regulations

    3. How to appropriately help you and your people deal with anxiety and get them back to work.

    4. How to develop ways to use this challenge as an opportunity for you to become stronger, adaptive and get better results in your organization.

    5. How to work more efficiently with your vendors and assure compliance.


  • Counseling for you, your employees and their families who may be in need of support and therapy during this time.

Intervention Strategies Critical Incident & COVID-19 Response for Our Clients

Intervention Strategies present clientele are composed of Federal, State and Local Governments, Hospitals, Supermarkets, First Responders, Nursing Homes, Automobile Dealerships and manufacturers. In our 40 years of experience we have developed expertise and have responded to critical incidence and crisis in communities and in the workplace. Our professional trauma team, composed of mental health clinicians, retired first responders and trainers, have developed the following strategies to help our clients and your organization navigate during difficult challenges.

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